3 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Home-Based Business

Co-Authored by Amy Collette, Guest Blogger

Running a home-based business is, for some people, an absolute game-changer. It gives you the chance to take your career by the reigns and identify your own goals, rather than your manager’s (or their manager’s). Moreover, starting a business you can do from home can give you a ton of flexibility and allow you to take on the schedule and workload that’s right for your life. 

That said, getting started can be a bit intimidating. If you’re thinking of setting up a home-based business, InPursuit wants to help you nail it. These steps will give your business a solid start so that you can unlock your full potential: 

  1. Build Your Brand 

The way that you and your clients perceive your business is always going to make a massive difference when it comes to success. Many people who start a home-based business forget how important branding truly is. You need to define what your business does, looks like, and sounds like in order to provide a consistent and memorable experience for clients. Plus, good branding helps you stay productive and on the right track for reaching your business goals. 

Branding and marketing professionals can be your greatest allies in this arena. You might be tempted, for example, to create your logo through an online generator. This route might be fast, but you’re likely to wind up with a logo that looks a lot like a dozen other businesses. A freelance logo designer can help you come up with something unique to your business and vision. Check out online freelance boards which allow you to compare rates, experience, and art style to find the designer that’s right for you. 

2. Create an Inspiring Workspace

Anyone who has worked from home, whether for themselves or someone else, can attest to the fact that a dedicated workspace is essential. A home office gives you space to be organized and productive, but the benefits go beyond that. Work-life balance is notoriously difficult for people who work from home, and that’s doubly true when you own your own business. Create a workspace you can go to — and, more importantly, leave — and you’ll find it far easier to avoid stress and burnout. 

When it comes to designing your home office, make sure you include productivity-boosting design features. For example, you should make sure your desk and chair are the proper height for your body. Using a raised monitor can help you keep good posture, as can alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day. Look into ergonomic home office design to make sure your workspace keeps you productive, comfortable, and healthy. 

3. Getting Your First Clients (and Beyond!) 

Finally, one of the most intimidating parts of creating any business is finding and securing customers and clients. Your best approach to doing this will depend on your business model. If you’re offering a service, start by reaching out to people in your professional network who might be interested. Building a foundation with people who already know you and your work can help you establish your business and build up a portfolio that will draw in less familiar clients. 

If you sell an item, however, you may need to take a different approach. Social media and online marketing can be extremely effective for handmade retail, especially if you have a knack for content creation. Consider using short videos, photography, and blog content to build an online following. When you have an audience that’s attuned to your work, you not only get potential customers but organic brand ambassadors, as well. That audience is likely to share your content with their followers, expanding your reach and opening up your products to more potential buyers. 

These are a few general foundational steps that any home-based business can take to get off to the right start. We hope this article inspires you to take charge and turn your idea into a company you can be proud of! 

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